Shaun MacGillivray

Dear Shaun MacGillivray,

My name is Dylan Roley and I am one of the three founders of CMNTY. We are an organization dedicated to fighting the war against ocean pollution. Like your father, we are all from Laguna Beach and hold the city in a special place in our hearts; we want to not only help clean up the beaches and ocean surrounding Southern California but the oceans and beaches around the world. We believe your films and your efforts enlighten, empower, and educate people to become water and ocean pollution activists.

We want to give you money! We want to donate! But more than that we want to partner with your organization to create a unique opportunity for both organizations to grow together. We would love to learn all of your insights about ocean pollution and how to be proactive about the issue. We would love to introduce One World One Ocean to the surf industry and other organizations that are dependent on the ocean and grow both our business together.


Dylan Roley

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CMNTY Eco Leaders

Dear ocean lovers and beach goers,

CMNTY wants to create eco leaders around the country that will lead CMNTY sponsored beach clean ups and other ocean saving activities. We all love the ocean and the beach. We take a trip down to the coast to “get away” or relieve a little stress. How awesome would it be to take the day off and leave the trash littered city streets to go to the beach and find that same trash right next to you in the warm soothing, therapeutic sand? or in the refreshing ocean? NOT AWESOME AT ALL!!! Please pick up your trash when at the beach, even if it is not yours. Take everything home with you that you brought down. If anyone is interested in becoming a CMNTY Eco Leader give me a shout out!

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CMNTY’s SLO Beach Clean Up

We sponsored a beach clean up in San Luis Obispo County in conjunction with ECOSLO and cleaned up 2,500lbs of trash! 

San Luis Obispo County proudly reported that 1,006 volunteers picked up 2,500 lbs of debris and 207 lbs of recycleables during the 28th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day on September 15. Coastal Cleanup took place at more than 850 locations around the state, comprising the largest single effort to remove debris that has accumulated on California’s beaches and inland shorelines over the past year. CMNTY was proud to be a part of California’s largest volunteer event.

“This will be the first time organizers will measure for debris that may have washed up as a result of last year’s devastating tsunami in Japan”. said Kylee Singh, ECOSLO’s Program Coordinator.

Obviously it is great to do the right thing and volunteer, but there is no greater feeling than taking action and lending a helping hand. Character is defined by what you do when no one is looking. Do you act to receive accolades and recognition or do you act because it is the right thing?

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Hurley H2O and Waves 4 Water

This is where my eyes were opened! I had an internship with Hurley H2O and worked on their project. I was educated about water pollution and conservation, I was able to grasp the daunting task these brave individuals who guided me were attempting to accomplish. It seemed impossible at first in my eyes but as the summer went one I warmed up to the idea of the power of one they preached everyday. Now I live my life with that idea guiding my decisions. That one piece of trash you can pick up, that one person you can open the door for, it doesnt have to be huge, it just have to be something.

Jon Rose has really inspired my decisions. check him out…

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One World One Ocean

The story of One World One Ocean begins with a family who has been making IMAX Theatre films for 35 years in far-off places like the top of Mt. Everest, the ice caves of Greenland, the Nile river, and the deep-ocean reefs of the South Pacific.

Led by filmmaker/surfer/diver Greg MacGillivray, who got his start making surfing films in the 1960s and who later co-founded MacGillivray Freeman Films in Laguna Beach, this production team had an amazing string of successes, producing many of the most popular IMAX Theatre films in history, including Everest, the highest grossing IMAX film ever. Three of these films were about the ocean, and two of them — The Living Sea and Dolphins — were nominated for Academy Awards.

Then Greg and his wife Barbara heard oceanographer Sylvia Earle warn that the ocean is at a tipping point; that human actions taken in the next ten years will determine the ocean’s fate for the next 10,000 years. Ten years left to save the ocean!

This served as a rallying cry for the MacGillivrays, who along with their son Shaun, also a filmmaker with a son of his own, decided they needed to do more to help protect the ocean they all loved. They created the One World One Ocean campaign with a pledge to build a movement to restore the ocean by doing what they do best — inspiring people to action with great storytelling and filmmaking.

The stakes are huge. And education and change on this level won’t be easy. But the great paradigm shifts of history never are.

We can do this if we act now.

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Ocean Pollution

Every day billions of plastic bags and bottles are discarded, and every day, millions of these become plastic pollution, fouling the oceans and endangering marine life. No one wants this but there is wide disagreement about how to stop it.

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Find your motivation

What ignites you? What gets you going? What makes you take action? How about this? Plastic in the ocean won’t break down for 600 years. So at the rate we’re going we’ll be eating our garbage for a long time. Facts like this one are what get me going. What motivate me to take action.

This has nothing to do with the ocean or CMNTY but it sure as hell motivates me to do something! I dare you to sit on your ass and watch tv or not take action on that thing or idea that has been lingering in your mind after watching this!

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